YogaFish Events!

Dear YogaFish friends: our classes are fuller than ever this time of year, which is wonderful- but we need your help! If you are visiting the studio, please help us to be good neighbors by NOT parking in front of our neighbors’ businesses. The two spots in front of our studio or any of the spots away from the buildings are available for use.  In order to be sure that we will have space for you in class,  please reserve your spot online (and cancel if you can’t make it!) for classes you wish to attend. We cannot guarantee that we will have space if you choose to drop in. 

Schedule Change and New Class:  Our Saturday morning 8 am class format has changed from Hot with Laura to Vinyasa with Kim Cook. We’re also pleased to announce a BRAND NEW class on Sunday mornings at 8 am- Yin/Restorative with Kim! A luxurious class to restore the spirit and open the body. Dim lighting, relaxing music, and the support of props such as bolsters, blocks, and blankets make this a favorite practice for many students. Treat yourself to an quiet experience that feels as good as it is good for you. 

Kids Yoga (Ages: 1st-4th Grade) Spring Session Starts March 24! Join Ms. Tara Tuesdays from 3:15-4 pm for Kids Yoga at YogaFish! Yoga is a great forum to provide children with a “life raft” for learning how to ride the waves of trials and tribulations as the game of life is played out. Our Kids’ Yoga classes inspire children with fun, imaginative yoga poses, games, story-telling, music, breath awareness and relaxation techniques building inner confidence, focus, character, and a sense of community. Tuition: $12 drop-in or $60 for all six sessions. Reserve a space for your little yogi today! 

il_340x270.670624176_aivzSavaaahsana with Kim: Saturday, April 18, 1-2:30 PM.  Have you ever wished Savasana lasted longer? We have just the practice for you!  Join Kim for this special 90 minute session of just your favorite pose- Savasana! We’ll use supportive props to create a restorative, relaxing pose that’s right for you. Then it’s time to drop into a deep meditative state as the healing vibrations of Crystal Bowls and a specially tuned Harp wash over and through your body, mind and soul. You’ll leave refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated. Tuition: $20. No experience required. Click here for more info or to reserve your spot today!

Breath In Motion: The Gross(set) Anatomy of the Diaphragm: Saturday April 25, 1-3 PM. What do you think of when you think of breathing? The lungs? The diaphragm? The FOOT?!? Join YogaFish’s own Sue Wattenbarger, LPN, RYT-500, for anIMG_1283afternoon delving into the heart of your breath. We’ll explore anatomy, the effects of the breath on the body, and how you can integrate this knowledge and put it into motion. This workshop will include a lecture exploring the intricate anatomy and physiology of the diaphragm to deepen understanding of our body layer. Then we’ll expand on this knowledge by putting it to practical use through breathing techniques and a short asana practice,  matching breath with motion. We’ll uncover the anatomy and remove blockages to discover a means to breathe more deeply and comfortably, on and off the mat.This will be a very light yoga practice with very few poses, accessible to all capabilities, followed by (of course!), a delightful guided relaxation in savasana. This informative workshop is for anyone who breathes: yoga practitioners, seasoned and new, healthcare providers, all who move! No experience required. Tuition: $30 before April 20, $35 after. Click here for more info or to reserve your spot.
Yoga Nidra with Laura. Saturday, May 9, 1-2:45 PM. Yoga Nidra (“Yogic Sleep”) is a way to experience profound photo1calmness, stillness and clarity. It is one of the deepest of all meditations, leading awareness through many levels of mental process to a state of supreme stillness and insight. Yoga Nidra often leads to deep relaxation, assisting the body in dropping out of “fight or flight” and back into “rest and digest” state for a calmer mind and a more efficient immune system. The practice is done lying down on your yoga mat for at least one hour. Please bring anything you need to help yourself be comfortable, including a pillow and/or blanket. Tuition: $20. Click here for more info or to reserve your spot today!
MELT Introduction: Freedom From Back Pain with Senior Melt Instructor Amba Greene. Saturday, May 16, 1349791-4 pm. Learn simple self-care techniques you can use every day to make your body feel better and function more efficiently. Relieve aches and pains brought on by aging and active living. Reduce inflammation, ease chronic neck & low back strain, improve alignment, & learn how to keep your whole body working better. Amba’s introductory workshops are perfect for both beginners and intermediate students. They offer an opportunity to learn about MELT and how it feels when we apply positive compression in the body. For those of you who have been MELTing, she offers a different focus each time, so you can try new techniques; other sequences; and fresh cues as you continue your relationship with MELT. 
A new handout too!!!

Tuition: $50 if paid by May 8, 2015 or $60 after. Here’s what YogaFish MELTers are saying:

“I slept great and for the first time in a week did not wake up with a headache!” 

“When I left and got in my car, it was the first time in years I did not have sciatic pain.” 

“Your easygoing manner, clear cues and explanations of the method made it easy to follow.” 

The first thing I noticed when I got in my car was that I had to raise my rearview mirror, it was too low. WOW!” 

IMG_1368Skin Care for the Yogi: Saturday, May 23, 1-3:30. Sue Wattenbarger LPN, RYT-500 has been a nurse for 20 years, specializing in dermatology since 1997. She also earned her 500-hour teaching certification last year. Having extensive knowledge of the body’s largest organ, in union with the study of yoga, Sue will teach you approaches to more mindful skin care, more conscious product choices, and skin smoothing techniques. Learn to let your inner body bright shine outward through your most radiant skin. Click here for more info or to reserve your spot today!