National Yoga Month at YogaFish!

  • Celebrate with our special: one month unlimited pass for $100!
  • $10 Classes continue: Join Charlie for 7 AM Vinyasa on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or Yoga for Recovery Sundays at 12. Chair Yoga (Thursdays at 11) is also just $10.
  • We’ve got two new classes and the fullest lineup of workshops in our history– scroll down to find the perfect one for you!

New Classes Coming in September: Restorative with Maggie, Mondays at 4, and Chair Yoga with Maggie Thursdays at 11.

On September 27, Meditation with Kelly meets from 4:30-5:30 (rather than 4-5).

The Tergar Meditation Group is meeting on September 24th (the fourth Sunday this month, rather than first/third; the meeting on the 10th was canceled due to Irma) from 4-5:30. As always, all are welcome.

YogaFish is now an approved RYS 200 Yoga School! 

I’m very pleased to announce that our Mindful Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training curriculum has been approved by Yoga Alliance. The feedback we received from YA said, “It appears that you will be conducting an outstanding training… It was a pleasure to review such a well thought out and thorough syllabus.”  Click here to read more about our upcoming training (begins January 2018)! 


Slow Down: A Restorative Yoga and Pranayama Practice with Laura. Saturday, September 30, 1-3 PM.  Our lives today are so busy & full that self-care is a radical choice. We’re caught up in constant activity and busy-ness; the pace of our daily lives may feel faster than we can control. Even when we don’t have that much to do, we may still feel hurried and anxious internally.  Join Laura for a special two-hour practice that will feel like a great big exhale of relief. We’ll slow ourselves down with gentle movement, release tension in supported postures,  and practice pranayama (yoga breathing) techniques to reclaim your birthright: spacious, open ease of mind. Dim lighting, relaxing music, and gentle instruction will create an atmosphere for maximum comfort and ease. Tuition: $20 before September 23, $25 after. Space is limited! Click here to reserve your spot. 

Reiki Level I with Rev George Hughes. Saturday, October 7, 1-6:30 PM.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is a form of hands-on-healing used to cleanse, balance and heal while invigorating the mind, body and soul. Reiki is based on the idea that an energy life force flows within each of us. This clear, concise and hands-on class gives all participants the opportunity to discover the relaxation, healing and balance available through Reiki practice. George also encourages participants to discover their unique intuitive abilities. No experience is necessary to take this class. tuition: $100 before September 30. $125 after.  Please click here for more information or to reserve your place in class.

Yoga Nidra with George. Sunday October 8, 2-4 PM.  Yoga Nidra (“Yogic Sleep”) is a way to experience profound calmness, stillness and clarity. It is one of the deepest of all meditations, leading awareness through many levels of mental process to a state of supreme stillness and insight. Yoga Nidra often leads to deep relaxation, assisting the body in dropping out of “fight or flight” and back into “rest and digest” state for a calmer mind and a more efficient immune system. The practice is done lying down on your yoga mat for at least one hour. Please bring anything you need to help yourself be comfortable, including a pillow and/or blanket. No experience is necessary to take this class. Tuition: $20 before 10/1, $25 after. Click here to reserve your spot. 

Savaaahsana! Vibrational Sound Meditation and Restoration Practice with Kim Cook, E-RYT200. Saturday, October 14, 1-2:30 PM. Have you ever wished Savasana lasted longer? We have just the practice for you! Join Kim for this special 90 minute session of just your favorite pose- Savasana! We’ll use supportive props to create a restorative, relaxing pose that’s right for you. Then it’s time to drop into a deep meditative state as the healing vibrations of Crystal Bowls and a specially tuned Harp wash over and through your body, mind and soul. You’ll leave refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated.  Tuition: $25. No experience required. Please click here for more information or to reserve your place in class.

Journey Through the Chakras with George Hughes. Saturday, October 21, 1-4:30 PM. Join George for this experiential journey through the chakras. In this workshop, we’ll :
  • Learn the qualities of your energy body, the nadis and chakras
  • Learn the characteristics of each chakra and how they affect your life
  • Practice asana and breath control patterns to open, strengthen & balance each chakra
  • Explore the sounds (bija seed sounds), colors, energy & symbols associated with each chakra
  • Learn simple ways to integrate each chakra into your yoga practice
  • Practice visualization and meditation
  • See how the chakras and their qualities apply to our development as individuals, and the evolution of society

Tuition is $40. No experience required. Please click here for more information or to reserve your place in class.

Free Intro to Meditation with George Hughes and Kelly Turnbull. Sunday, October 22, 2-6 PM.  Interested in Meditation? Don’t know where to start? Learn the essentials of meditation in a few simple steps. It’s easier than you think! Want to learn to relax, reduce stress and increase the quality of your life? The list of proven health and well-being benefits of meditation is getting longer every day. Already a meditator and looking for a way to deepen your meditation practice? Learn to use every experience as an opportunity to awaken with a relaxed, spacious approach to meditation. In meditation we explore the landscape of the heart and mind with awareness. What we discover is a true and lasting happiness that does not depend on the outer conditions of our lives. The course includes video teachings by Mingyur Rinpoche, clear instructions on the basics of meditation practice, guidelines for daily practice, and advice for bringing mindfulness into your everyday life. Enrollment is free but space is limited. Please register to reserve your space today. 

Intro to MELT Method with Amba Greene. Saturday, December 2, 1-4 PM. Release Tension & Reboot Your Energy for the Holidays! Learn simple self-care techniques you can use every day to make your body feel better and function more efficiently. Relieve aches and pains brought on by aging and active living. Reduce inflammation, ease chronic neck & low back strain, improve alignment, & learn how to keep your whole body working better. Join Advanced MELT Instructor Amba Greene for a 3-hour workshop to introduce you to MELT. We will cover the basic MELT techniques for beginners, and the specific sequencing of the moves will restore your energy just in time for the holidays! Space is limited. Click here for more information or to reserve your space today.