Fall at YogaFish!

  • Tuesday 11:15 AM Yin and Thursday 11 AM Hatha Hour are back! You can book online now.
  • Prenatal Yoga returns September 18, 1:30-2:30, and runs through October 9! Join Gina and see why moms all over the Treasure Coast are talking about how much they love this class. Strengthen, stretch, relax and commune with your baby while learning techniques to help prepare for labor and delivery. Beginners are welcome and no previous experience is required. Contact us for more information or book online today! 
  • Connected Warriors with Maggie Turmel is ongoing, Mondays from 3-4. This is not a YogaFish class for the public but is offered through Connected Warriors only for active service members, vets and their families. Please visit the Connected Warriors website for more information. If you know someone who may be interested, please help us spread the word. 

Prenatal Yoga Sessions with Gina Resume Sunday, September 18, 1:30-2:30. 

Join our resident prenatal expert Gina Peruski for prenatal yoga at YogaFish. Sessions resume Sunday, September 18 and run through Practicing yoga in pregnancy helps to strengthen and stretch muscles, release tension and maintain good posture. Prenatal yoga also aids in relaxation 11998608_10153596479024731_1878954408_nand communing with your baby. There are many benefits in attending a prenatal yoga class during pregnancy beyond what you can receive in a general yoga class. Our prenatal yoga classes teach postures and breathing techniques that help prepare you for labor and delivery.  The program, conducted in a calm, peaceful environment, will help strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles, improve circulation, aid in digestion, exercise the spine and increase overall comfort. A safe, open community allows you to freely discuss any issues, from discomforts and concerns, to the wonderful new changes your body and baby are experiencing. Beginners are welcome. No previous yoga experience is required. 

“I thank God for the prenatal yoga you provided. I could rely on my breathing and mind/body/soul connection to get me through. Prenatal yoga also prepared me physically bc the baby was facing the wrong (OP/sunny side up) during pregnancy but she naturally turned on her own during delivery. The service you (Gina) & YogaFish are offering is doing mamas and babies some good!” -Melissa, 2015 prenatal student
The cost is $12 per class. Feel free to contact us with any questions, or sign up today by clicking here and selecting the week of September 18 (or after) from the calendar.

Savaaahsana! Vibrational Sound Meditation and Restoration Practice. Saturday, October 29, 1-2:30 with Kim Cook.  Have you ever wished Savasana lasted longer? We have just the practice for il_340x270.670624176_aivzyou!  Join Kim for this special 90 minute session of just your favorite pose- Savasana! We’ll use supportive props to create a restorative, relaxing pose that’s right for you. Then it’s time to drop into a deep meditative state as the healing vibrations of Crystal Bowls and a specially tuned Harp wash over and through your body, mind and soul. You’ll leave refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated. Tuition: $20. No experience required. Click here for more information or to reserve your space online.

Healthy Minds for Ageless Women with Amba Greene: 

Introductory Workshop ($15): Saturday, October 22, 1-2:30 PM. 

It is an exciting time to be growing older. There are so many modern cutting-edge discoveries, as well as ancient wisdom, that are creating a new paradigm for healthy and vibrant aging. Designed for women over 50 (though women of all ages are welcome), this 4 week course will jump start your brain upgrade to shift your mind, mood, memory and energy.

Our 90 minute session will change the way you look at the aging process:
-Learn 3 tips to jump-start your brain reboot
-Discover what causes inflammation and accelerated aging
-Time for Q&A
-Enjoy a healthy brain treat
-Handouts, and more

Tuition: $15.  Click here for more information or to reserve your space online.

Healthy Minds 4-week series. Tuesdays, 2-4 from October 25 through November 15

Imagine if you had your energy back, what would you be doing? How would your life change if you got a full nights sleep? Which dreams would you fulfill if your 173774thinking was crisp and clear?

Explore how stress and inflammation slowly degrade our brain function. Learn how to shift the momentum with simple diet & lifestyle changes. Lots included: handouts, foods to sample, recipes, habit changing tips, strategies for stress relief, all the cutting edge scientific discoveries, and conversation with like-minded women.
Bonus: Private consult to tweak your personal brain action plan.

What past participants are saying about the Healthy Minds series: 

“I often feel just overwhelmed with information and I have zero time to spend researching on my own. So this class was a filter for me of lots of information.

“The course was so well done structurally. I loved the integration of teaching, group discussion, MELT, breathing, and healthy treats.”

“You illuminated the extraordinary role the brain plays in health and aging, and how it connects to all the organ systems.”

From Waah! to Aha! Breaking Your Birth Script Habits with Robin Jillson. Saturday, December 10, 1-4 pm. Birth is our first experience of aliveness, and our first experience of change. babyWhat happened during our own individual labor and birth have a lifelong effect on us. We all were incredibly conscious and aware during birth and we formed strong opinions about ourselves and the world around us as we made our entry into life. Learn how to unravel your birth script, how it shaped your earliest thoughts, and how it continues to affect you today. Knowing that many traits and quirks that you attribute to your character are just habits can give you a fresh attitude, and this workshop will give you the perspective and tools to improve your relationship with yourself and your world. Robin Jillson has studied personal growth topics for over 25 years. As a Rebirther trained by some of the very first Rebirthing teachers, she has guided hundreds of clients and students onto paths of peace and freedom through the unravelling of birth scripts.  Tuition: $30 before Dec 3, $35 after. Click here for more information or to reserve your space online. 

Dear friends: Please keep in mind that our space is limited. Reserving via MindBody’s online scheduling system is the best way to ensure your spot in class. We also ask that when visiting our studio, you park in the middle of the lot (not in front of a building) or in one of the two spots directly in front of our space. This keeps our neighbors happy, which is very important to us. Thanks for your help!