What’s New at YogaFish?

  • Thanksgiving Schedule: No meditation the day before Thanksgiving (Wednesday 11/21). On Thanksgiving Day, join Laura for our annual yin/restorative holiday class at 9 AM. Space is limited! Please reserve online.
  • Looking for more ways to relax? Read Laura’s latest blog on a body scan technique you just might fall in love with! 
  • Season is approaching and classes will continue to get fuller! Please keep in mind that reserving online is the best way to ensure your space in class.
  • We appreciate your help with parking: Please park in the middle of the parking lot or in the two spots in front of the studio, not in front of our neighbors’ businesses. Thank you for helping us to be good neighbors!


Super Chakra Master Series with Adam Flores. Starts Sunday, September 30, 1-2:30 PM. This series is offered over seven Sundays. Each afternoon will begin with a Dharma talk about the Chakra we are working with that week, followed by a powerful journey into each of the Sacred Wheels of Light through the breath, movement, posturing, aromatherapy and massage, chanting, sound healing and colorful meditations. Each of the spinning disks influences different levels of consciousness, physicality and social and spiritual expression. Awaken vibrant energy and be richer in love, wealth, and physical and emotional health. Register for the entire series and save! Tuition: $25 per session or $150 for all seven sessions (it’s like getting one free!). This is one of Adam’s most popular offerings and students rave about it!

RYTS– looking to stay current on continuing education? This workshop series counts for continuing education for Yoga Alliance!  Earn 10 Contact Hours and Optional 20 Non-Contact Hours.

Space is limited- please register online.  (note that this class is not listed under “Workshops” but regular classes). 

9/30, Root Chakra: Releasing Fear and Being Here

10/7, Sacral Chakra: Releasing Guilt and Embracing Pleasure

10/14, Naval Chakra: Releasing Anger and Finding Power

10/28, Heart Chakra: Releasing Grief and Allowing Joy

11/4, Throat Chakra: Releasing Stories and Expressing Truth

11/11, Third Eye Chakra: Releasing Illusions and Seeing Clearly

11/18, Crown Chakra: Releasing Expectations for Ultimate Possibility


Slow Down: A Restorative Yoga & Pranayama Practice. Saturday, November 17, 1-3 PM. 

Our lives today are so busy & full that self-care is a radical choice. We’re caught up in constant activity and busy-ness; the pace of our daily lives may feel faster than we can control. Even when we don’t have that much to do, we may still feel hurried and anxious internally.

Join Laura for a special two-hour practice that will feel like a great big exhale of relief. We’ll slow ourselves down with gentle movement, release tension in supported postures, and practice pranayama (yoga breathing) techniques to reclaim your birthright: spacious, open ease of mind.

Dim lighting, relaxing music, and gentle instruction will create an atmosphere for maximum comfort and ease.

Tuition: $25 before November 10, $30 after

Make Your Own Mala with Shelley Adelle. Saturday, December 1, 1-3 PM. Join Shelley Adelle (veteran yoga teacher, spiritual enthusiast and experimental human) for this fun, interactive, and informative workshop to make your own mala.

A mala (Sanskrit:माला; mālā, meaning garland) is a string of 108 beads. Malas are used for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra. While Hindus and Buddhists have been using malas for centuries, this practice (called japa mala) is often used by yogis as a secular form of meditation to enhance practice.  Join us to create your very own mala, choosing from a wide variety of beads and trinkets! Tuition: $50 before 11/24, $55 after. Includes instruction and all supplies. Supplies and space are limited: Please reserve online today! 

Embrace Yourself: Curvy Yoga Slow Flow & Restorative Master Class. Friday, December 7, 7-9 PM. Join Laura for this 2 hour all-levels practice that will incorporate mindful, accessible movement (with plenty of modifications and options for your unique body). We’ll close with supportive, restorative postures and guided meditation to help reconnect body, heart and mind. Celebrate your strengths and reaffirm your essential goodness! No experience is required. Yogis of all ages, shapes and sizes welcome. Tuition: $25.

All proceeds benefit the Yoga and Body Image Coalition. This workshop will fill up! Reserve your space online today.

MELT For the Holidays: Saturday, December 8, 1-4 PM. Learn simple self-care techniques you can use every day to make your body feel better and function more efficiently. Relieve aches and pains brought on by aging and active living. Reduce inflammation, ease chronic neck & low back strain, improve alignment, & learn how to keep your whole body working better.

Join Advanced MELT Instructor Amba Greene for a 3-hour workshop to introduce you to MELT. We will cover the basic MELT techniques for beginners, and the specific sequencing of the moves will restore your energy just in time for the Holidays!!! Amba’s introductory workshops are perfect for both beginners and intermediate students. They offer an opportunity to learn about MELT and how it feels when we apply positive compression in the body. For those of you who have been MELTing, she offers a different focus each time, so you can try new techniques; other sequences; and fresh cues as you continue your relationship with MELT. A new handout too!!! Suitable for all levels. $50 if paid by December 6, or $60 after. Reserve your space online today. 


Finding Peace in Present Time with Robin Jillson. Saturday, December 15, 1-3 PM. Daily life can be a storm of obligations, work, social media, news, and other distractions. It can be difficult in to find moments of peace when we can take time to feel calm and quiet. This fun and experiential workshop will give you tools to do just that. Learn how it feels to be present in your body and emotions, and how simple it can be to achieve peace.

Present time is a perpetual gift you can give to yourself any time by engaging the right side of your brain and exploring your physical reality. Our time together is an opportunity to explore the unlimited nature of our true selves by shifting our focus away from outside chaos. This workshop focuses on guided experiences of present time, discussion, Q&A, and suggestions for everyday practice. Tuition: $20 before December 8; $25 after. Please reserve your space online to ensure your space in class.