What’s New at YogaFish?

    • Memorial Day (5/27): Join Jaye at 9 AM for Vinyasa (Reservations suggested!).
    • Seven Dollar Classes in June! Join Cathy Mondays (Restorative) and Wednesdays (Foundations) at 11 and pay just $7 for class. No online reservations for this special pricing– space is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Cash or check preferred, please.
    • We appreciate your help with parking: Please park in the middle of the parking lot or in the two spots in front of the studio, not in front of our neighbors’ businesses. Thank you for helping us to be good neighbors!
    • Join us Saturday, June 8 for Mind, Body and Spirit Wellness Day at St. Paul A.M.E. Church in Stuart! Free yoga and fitness classes, nutrition information, and more fun stuff being added every day. RSVP at the Facebook event page here! 
    • Sunday, June 30 is the fifth Sunday of the month. Join Grace for vinyasa at 10!
    • Scholarship Opportunities are available: If you find benefit in a regular yoga studio practice but are unable to attend due to financial considerations, please contact us. We have a limited number of scholarship opportunities available on an ongoing basis.
    • Looking for the perfect complement to your yoga practice? Check out the steel mace and Werq cardio dance classes offered by our neighbors at Diversified Therapeutics! Steel mace classes improve your shoulder strength and mobility, back and grip strength– the perfect complement to your yoga practice (and so much fun!). Werq is a wildly addictive dance workout that feels like a party with friends. Your first class is free– visit their Facebook page to learn more and click on “Book Now” to schedule your first class. 

Saturday, June 1, 1-3 PM. Find Your Flow: A Curvy Yoga Empowerment Event with Laura.

This special curvy-friendly event is modeled on Laura’s popular “one-breath-per-movement” vinyasa classes. Celebrate the freedom of moving your amazing, unique body to its own rhythms in this organic, free-flowing vinyasa class. We’ll begin by cultivating deep internal listening, then flow through accessible transitions, accompanied by a pulsing soundtrack of global beats to help you carve out your unique flow evolution. Class ends with an extra-long guided meditation in savasana for maximum relaxation. Discover how graceful, powerful, strong and fluid you are! Tuition: $25 before May 25. $30 after. Click here for more information or to reserve your space today.

Saturday, June 29, 1-4 PM. Yoga for Anxiety with Laura Wenger.  Join Laura for a hands-on workshop that teaches practical methods to manage the effects of anxiety through physical movement, breathing, and meditation.

In the first part of our time together, we’ll explore the anatomy and physiology of our central nervous system, and how it is handles the challenges of our daily lives; learn to reframe stress as a positive force for change that can benefit you; find tools that work for you to ground, calm, and center yourself; and investigate the ways in which yoga techniques can benefit you, depending on your unique situation.

The second part of the workshop includes an interactive yoga practice that is accessible for all levels. A slow flow practice incorporates gentle, rhythmic movement to soothe and balance the body and mind. We’ll close with restorative poses to rehabilitate the nervous system.

No yoga experience is necessary. Students must be able to get up and down off the floor for the physical practice. This educational workshop is not a substitute for medical advice. Anxiety and depression may be serious issues that may require professional treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Tuition: $45 before June 22. $50 after. If you feel you would benefit from this workshop but are unable to pay the full amount, please contact us. A limited amount of scholarships are available. Click here to reserve your space in class. 

 Saturday, July 20 & Sunday, July 21, 9 AM-3 PM. Viking Ninja: Mindful Mechanics and Steel Mace Yoga- Level 1 Workshop at Diversified Therapeutics with Esik Melland and Erin Furry. These are two separate sessions offered at Diversified Therapeutics (in the same plaza as the studio). Mindful Mechanics is a course that focuses on creative yet structured programming with Bodyweight and Steel Mace movements. Sequencing exercises strategically to form a meaningful pattern that will benefit the individual both physically and mentally. Mastering the basics is important before you can express yourself well enough to add your own creativity.

Steel Mace Yoga is a mixture of static poses and dynamic movement synchronized to breath using both bodyweight and steel mace. It builds full body strength, tones and sculpts, increases flexibility, and improves balance. The moment challenges rotational ranges and creates a greater range of motion by carving out tension using closed chain activation and radiation with the Steel Mace. It also creates mental focus, connecting body and mind together through synchronizing breath and movement. Very similar to martial arts or moving meditation. Click here for more information or contact Diversified Therapeutics at (772) 221-7638.