New Students- Start Here!

Nervous about your first class? No need to be. You’ll find that we are a community of compassionate and accepting people- and every one of us remembers what it was like to be new to yoga! However, if you’ve got a case of the jitters, I recommend you check out this article: “First Class? No Worries!”

Save time on your first visit- print and bring our registration form with you! 

Which of our classes is right for you? It really depends on your goals…

Want to de-stress, relax and experience the meditative aspects of yoga?

You’ll love the slower pace of our Restorative or Yin classes. Both are very slow-moving, meditative practices. In fact, they may even be quite similar, with mostly seated or lying-down postures. Restorative classes focus on calming the nervous system, often using props such as bolsters (big pillows), yoga blocks and yoga blankets to comfortably arrange the body in a yoga posture. Yin classes are designed to stretch the tougher tissues of the body. This type of class is often quite relaxing, and may also include props- though the focus is engaging a stretch first and calming the nervous system as a secondary effect.

YogaFish also offers two free meditation and pranayama (yoga breathing) classes, which are an excellent introduction to the benefits of these practices.

Prenatal, working through an injury, or just not in great physical condition?

Depending on your physical condition, you  might choose to start with a Restorative or Yin class. Give us a call or an email and we’ll be glad to talk to you about which class might be right for your specific situation.

If you’re relatively mobile, then our Foundations or Slow Flow classes are a wonderful place to start. These are slower Vinyasa practices that move at a pace to accommodate safe transitions. Attention is given to breath and alignment, but you will still be moving. Options are always given to modify postures according to your individual needs.

Chair Yoga is an excellent option for those who are rehabilitating from an injury, have difficulty navigating up and down from the ground, or just prefer a little more support. In Chair Yoga, we use the support of a chair as we stretch, strengthen, and practice yoga breathing and relaxation.

Mothers-to-be: we’re here for you! You are welcome to join us for any of the classes listed above. Your teacher will be happy to talk to you about how to modify the practice to be extra safe and comfortable.

In good shape, but don’t know a thing about yoga?

Yoga is a wonderful complement to other physical practices. If you’d like to spend a little time getting to know the practice and the postures before you jump into a faster class, join us for Foundations, Slow Flow, or Light Vinyasa first. Our Hot Class is a great option. While it’s done in a heated room, which some people find challenging, it moves at a steady pace to allow time to get into the posture and experience it for several breaths before moving to the next.

For those who like to learn by doing, feel free to jump on in to Vinyasa  classes!  In these classes, postures move smoothly from one to the next, linked together with breath. Generally, less instruction is given, although our teachers do their best to accommodate the unique needs of the class.

Or maybe you just want to STRETCH!

Great news! Yoga offers you the opportunity to stretch in one of two ways: static or dynamic. Static stretching- in which you hold a stretch with no movement- is what you’re more likely to experience in our Restorative or Yin classes. Dynamic stretching- stretch WITH movement- is what you’ll get in our more active classes. You can’t go wrong!

For more information, please read our Class Descriptions here– and feel free to Contact Us!