“Meditation is really quite simple. All we have to do is embrace each experience with awareness and open ourselves fully to the present moment. When we are completely at ease with our own being, the ripples of awareness naturally spread out in all directions, touching the lives of everyone we meet.” ― Mingyur Rinpoche

“In a general sense, meditation allows us to access the mind’s innate qualities of peace and serenity. Eventually, these experiences become a living reality and our happiness is no longer dependent on the fluctuating conditions of the world around us. Meditation can also be used to cultivate certain qualities, such as compassion or wisdom, and also to address specific problems, such as destructive emotional patterns, chronic illness, and challenging relationship issues. The point of meditation is not to escape such situations, but rather to see that everything we experience can be transformed into a source of joy through the practice of meditation.”Tergar International Meditation Community, Meditation FAQ’s

Meditation at YogaFish

Free Meditation Classes: YogaFish offers two free meditation classes each week. Join Kelly on Tuesdays at 4:30 or Wednesdays at 4:00. The style of meditation we teach is in the Tibetan Buddhist style, calming the mind to access a stable and vivid awareness that is the very essence of our life experience.

The Joy of Living Meditation Group:  All are welcome! Meets on the first and third Sunday of each month from 4-5:30 PM. This is not a class but a group, including discussion, meditation, and material provided by Tergar International. No experience is required to participate! For more information, inquire at the studio or email Kelly at  katurnbull @ mac.com.

Learn to Meditate Online

We highly recommend this free online course from Tergar.org. The style of meditation is simple and accessible.


Laura and George lead a meditation class for 10th graders at the Pine School, 2013