Rave Reviews

“I am moved today to tell you how grateful I am for you and the community you have created at YogaFish. I have been to many studios in the past 12 years or so. I have never felt unwelcome or judged or, except for my very first yoga class, uncomfortable at any of them, but YogaFish is truly unique and special.

I don’t think it’s any one thing I could ever put my finger on. The teachers whose classes and workshops I have experienced are all amazing in their presence and presentation; the variety of classes you offer is unusually broad; your studio is so beautiful; I love that YogaFish offers opportunities to donate to community projects such as the humane society and women’s shelters; the studio props are plentiful, clean, and in good condition if not new; the vibe is always peaceful; you offer yoga and YogaFish in community outreach; each time I walk through your door I know your yoga business is about yoga first, not business first as I have felt in some places.”

-Robin J.

“Thank you, Laura!  Your studio and staff are awesome! You all provide so much more than I have come to expect from yoga instructors.  I feel so good when I get to practice with such wonderful folks including the other students.”
-Kim P.

“The teachers at YogaFish do something I’ve never seen at any studio anywhere.  They conduct classes so that a beginner can practice next to an advanced yogi  and both can work at a level that is  challenging and satisfying.  The instructors give options and encouragement  throughout the class so that students can choose to dial up or dial down the effort. Everyone feels welcome and encouraged to develop their practice in a way that suits their personal journey, with no pressure.”
-Pat Carrig

“I have been practicing Yoga for 40 yrs. I have done every kind of Yoga there is in N.Y., Boston & Florida! Over the years as my body aged, I found the Joy of Yin Yoga. But last March, 2013, I fractured a Disc in my Back & also had a total knee replacement. I went through the usual Physical Therapy but I had no energy & was not healing completely! I then went back to my  YogaFish Studio in Stuart, FL. I knew that Restorative Yoga was where I needed to begin! Thank goodness there was Cathy Brooks’ class. Many studios do not have Restorative or Foundations Yoga. So new people rarely succeed in the harder practices, leaving a big Gap for the beginners. I know that by me going to Cathy’s classes, I now feel like the person I once was. My total energy has increased 90%. I am able to do everything without pain or drugs! Namaste”,
-Marilyn S

“YogaFish has brought awareness to my mind, strength and healing to my body and peace deeper within my soul. Yoga and meditation with Laura, Scott and Jaye has been transforming in many ways. They are the most knowledgeable, caring, thorough instructors. They have helped transform me into a better me after only a month! I smile the entire day after leaving and want to share the happiness. I look forward to the next experience. Sharing the experience and challenge of the training with my daughter has especially been extraordinary. Love it at Yogafish!”
-Melissa Starr, via Facebook.

“The yoga instructors at YogaFish are the most incredible instructors I have worked with.  They are very knowledgeable and will take the time instructing you on proper format. When you walk in they make you feel so welcome. A big thank you to Jaye for all of the readings, it’s very inspiring. I truly feel blessed to have found such an amazing studio.”

“As soon as you enter this yoga studio you feel the embrace of warmth and positive energy. It’s like coming h<OM>e to family to friends and feeling loved”
-Jann Dolk, via Facebook

“Starting my yoga journey with Laura at this studio was probably the best thing I have ever done for myself.  The space here is uplifting and all of the teachers are awesome.  I always feel that no matter what kind of day I have had, I am always able to escape to YogaFish.  I  feel accepted and encouraged during practices and while some days I strive for a good sweat, there are other days where I feel I need to slow down and be more compassionate toward my body.  YogaFish offers a space for you; for whatever it is that YOU need most.  I am so happy I found this studio!”
-Ashley P

“Having gone through physical therapy for spondylolisthesis, I was reintroduced to the great benefits of stretching through yoga. I have been enjoying classes for about 7 months, and have never felt better. My spine feels so much more stable, thanks to Cathy.”
-R. P.

“The YogaFish Studio and its teachers are that quiet constant and supportive space where I can always count on great yoga and a moment of peace…priceless in today’s world.”
-Charlotte Glover, Magnolia Cakes and Confections

“After eight years of yoga practice and community in New Jersey, we retired to Palm City.  You can imagine what I needed to find before any doctor or hair stylist!  I found geoYoga, shortly after George’s purchase from Grace.  I felt a sacredness when I walked into the Center.  It was a definite time of grounding for me.  And, now I am feeling a sense of fluidity as Laura takes us into water.  Looking forward to our swims together on Central Parkway!” 
-Christine Suriano

“I had been contemplating starting Yoga for years before I started at geoYoga, now YogaFish. I am typically not one to join group classes, preferring to exercise alone. After taking a few classes I was hooked! In the beginning, I was unsteady, but NEVER ONCE did I feel that I was lagging behind the other students. The instructors are exceptional at reminding all of us that we are individuals, to take things slowly, and to follow your bodies’ cues. My body seems to thank me for the activity. Mentally, yoga practice has resulted in a more positive attitude in handling whatever life throws at me. Take it from me; it’s never too late to start yoga.” 
-N McDonald

“YogaFish provides a beautiful, serene and supportive atmosphere for an authentic yoga practice. The teachers are gifted, genuine and caring; the schedule convenient. We are very fortunate to have this studio in our area.”
-Kathy Pello, RYT