Why YogaFish?


What’s with the name? Well, the fish are a Buddhist symbol representing the journey all beings make through Samsara, the ‘ocean
of suffering.’ Just as fish are ignorant of the world beyond the water, we are unaware of the expansive potential that is our true nature. These fish swim joyfully and easily and, despite the seeming challenges of the ocean, are unharmed by their environment. So do we “swim” from teaching to teaching until we recognize our own value and enlightenment is achieved.

The name is rich in symbolism, but it’s also just fun. Go ahead and try to say “YogaFish” without smiling!

The YogaFish Philosophy- Compassionate, Creative, Energetic

Why do people come to YogaFish? I think a lot of it is in that first word of our tagline- “Compassion.” Our teachers are students too- we know what it’s like to be in your shoes, and we want to do everything we can to make you comfortable. Our classes are all about not comparing or judging yourself but accepting yourself. That’s the YogaFish philosophy. We like you, and we want you to like yourself too.

935965_10152223635247729_147165829_nThe second word of our tagline- energetic- that’s about having fun, being playful. Yoga can be serious, but we don’t believe we should take ourselves too seriously. If you come to class with us, you’re going to have to laugh sometimes.

And creativity? Each of our teachers is completely unique. We’re constantly evolving, looking for more effective ways to help our students to cultivate their physical, mental, and spiritual practices.

There are lots of great yoga options in the area. What YogaFish offers is an atmosphere of acceptance with an emphasis on the mind/body/spirit connection. Sure, if you want to come to class and just stretch and sweat, you can do that. We believe that what keeps people coming back, though, is the way that they start to notice their lives changing. In addition to the physical benefits (strength, flexibility, overall feeling of better health), there’s an increased awareness. More mindfulness, more appreciation, more self-insight. YogaFish teachers understand that experience- that’s how we teach. Our classes are designed to help our students achieve those insights.

Your YogaFish family knows you’re perfect, just as you are. Our job is to help you recognize it too!1381705_10152238364632729_1861457427_n