Yoga For Special Events

Planning a wedding, bat mitzvah, or a special day with your friends? Does your sports team need a morale boost (and a little stretching?) Let YogaFish bring the gift of a professional private yoga class to your event! We’ll work one-on-one with you for an individualized experience your friends and family won’t forget.

“Having an hour out of the day just to zen out and really refocus my energies on why we’re all there was priceless. It’s so easy to get caught up in the wedding melee and this was the perfect way to regroup and take a breath from it all. I loved your instruction during the class and the reading that you had prepared- it was such a wonderful experience.” -bride Kara G on her YogaFish wedding day yoga experience

We’ll help you choose a theme to complement your special event:

  • Mats, blocks and blankets and are available
  • Individualized favors may be included for guests
  • Relax and enjoy a class taught by an experienced yoga teacher
  • We’ll work with you to incorporate a theme for your special day

Price varies depending upon services requested. Please contact us for a consultation and personalized quote.