YogaFish Mobile: Corporate Yoga & Meditation Program

YogaFish Mobile is yoga for your workplace; we bring yoga and meditation to you. Our teachers are experienced, compassionate, and trained to assist your employees. We offer physical yoga (whether in a chair or on a mat), pranayama (yoga breathing techniques), and simple meditation and mindfulness training that can improve your employees’ quality of life.

Our past and current clients include: City of Stuart, SafeSpace, Triumph Aerostructures, and Tykes and Teens.

Why Offer Yoga or Meditation to Your Employees?

At YogaFish, we teach mindfulness yoga and meditation practices that have been demonstrated to alleviate psychological stresses anxiety, depression, and pain.

The simple act of moving the body and breathing in a mindful way can feel good— a “quick fix.” But there’s a long-term benefit to learning these practices. Through mindful movement and meditation, we can actually reprogram the brain, creating new neuronal pathways. This means that rather than being stuck in patterns of negative thinking or behavior, we can discover new ways to interact with our lives for greater happiness. 

A 2017 study published in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) journal Preventing Chronic Disease recommends mindfulness practices to improve employee well-being and productivity: 

Growing evidence demonstrates the beneficial effects of mindfulness practices among workers, in terms of both physical symptoms (eg, pain) and mental well-being. For example, meditation interventions targeting workers are effective at reducing work-associated stress, depression, and anxiety among full-time Australian workers. In health care providers, mindfulness training reduced burnout, mood disturbances, and stress. Mindfulness training also showed improvements in mood and sleep quality among teachers. 

Workplace stress is associated with many poor health outcomes, both mental and physical; workplace stress is linked with decreased productivity, increased occupational injury, and absenteeism, as well as with substantially higher 

medical expenditures among highly stressed employees. By helping employees manage stress better, mindfulness-based practices, whether formal or informal, can improve workers’ health, increase productivity, and reduce employers’ costs.

More than just exercise or a team-building activity, YogaFish Mobile promotes self-care, offering simple techniques that can be done anytime, anywhere, to help manage the challenges that the modern employee has to balance.

What Does A Corporate Yoga or Meditation Program Look Like?

YogaFish will work with you to tailor a program to meet your employees’ needs. No experience is necessary, and YogaFish teachers are trained to deal with all bodies of all ages, sizes, and abilities.

Mats and any other needed supplies are provided as part of our service. Meditation or yoga can be done in any relatively quiet room. Conference rooms or outdoor spaces can easily be transformed into a peaceful getaway. Yoga may be done on the floor (on mats) or in chairs. 

You may choose to offer your employees a one-time YogaFish class or workshop as part of a special event, or as an ongoing or limited series of classes. Ideally, we like to offer multiple classes as repetition is helpful in creating new healthy habits.


Classes can range from 45-90 minutes, or longer for workshops.

What Does It Cost? 

Studies show that work-site programs for stress reduction and health improvement can offer a significant cost savings for employers. According to a January 2014 article in Corporate Wellness Magazine, on average, for every $1 spent on health management and education, companies could save $3 on healthcare costs.

YogaFish Mobile programs start at $125/hour, but may fluctuate to accommodate travel, frequency of classes offered, or other factors. Please contact us to set up an appointment for a consultation and personalized quote.