Teacher Training & Yoga Immersion at YogaFish

Congratulations to our 2018 YogaFish Teacher Training graduates! We have not yet scheduled our next training. This is high-level program that asks a lot of both students and trainers as we dive deep into philosophy, asana, and meditation. In order to facilitate learning,  we will only accept teacher training applicants who are or have been students of Laura’s. If you’re interested in knowing more about upcoming training, or are curious about what makes our program different, please contact us at laura@yogafishstuart.com.

The YogaFish Mindful Vinyasa Immersion and Teacher Training Program is an invitation to deepen your own experience of yoga, meditation and pranayama. Throughout this six-month training, you’ll increase your self-knowledge and cultivate compassion through meditation, while gaining greater knowledge of your body through yoga postures.  You’ll explore anatomy and alignment in a critical, hands-on way, deepening your own practice and learning techniques to share yoga with others in an accessible, inclusive manner. This training meets the requirements for a Yoga Alliance 200-hour training.

Come home to your true nature. Grounded in the Buddhist philosophy of basic goodness, our journey together will explore meditation techniques to calm the mind, open the heart, and awaken wisdom. Through reading, lecture, film and discussion, we’ll learn the living history of the Buddhist path for living mindfully in the world. Students will be asked to commit to a daily meditation practice for the duration of our training.

Discover the joy of mindful movement and breath. Throughout our six-month immersion, we’ll steep ourselves in the postures and movement of vinyasa yoga. Expect to think critically and creatively as we investigate practical anatomy and alignment through asana practice, hands-on homework assignments, reading, lecture, discussion, and clinic intensives. Beyond vinyasa, we’ll learn the principles of teaching pranayama, restorative, slow flow (for curvy populations) and yin yoga (with Jaye Bryan). Students will commit to a home asana practice in addition to studio practice time, and 1-2 hours of anatomy reading or homework per week.

Explore the rich history of the yoga tradition. The roots of yoga are wide and deep. Having understanding, appreciation and respect for the history and context of the practice are essential to any true study of yoga. During our immersion, we’ll gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts of yogic philosophy and its fascinating history through film, weekly reading assignments, discussion and contemplation. Our unique training will also highlight contemporary issues of yoga, including injuries, ethical conduct, cultural appropriation and social justice. Students can expect 1-2 hours of philosophy reading per week.

Connect with compassion and clarity. Students will learn how to create a safe, inclusive environment for practicing and teaching yoga. We’ll gain tools to work with special populations and learn to make our classes trauma-informed. We’ll cultivate clarity in communication, observe and analyze teaching styles, and uncover our hidden biases and unmet needs so that we can connect with others with greater honesty, authenticity and presence.  Students will be encouraged to create a network of self-care practices to support them as they move forward.

Give yourself the gift of presence. This immersion is an intense commitment– to yourself. To fully benefit from this time, we ask that you commit to a daily meditation and asana practice. Completing the weekly reading and homework assignments is essential to absorb the information and participate in our group discussions. You may be challenged by both the time commitment and the natural introspection that arises as we deepen our yoga practices of meditation, asana and pranayama. During this time, you will need to make this training and your own self-care a priority. Please consider the time that you have available and speak to your family about the commitment before making a decision to enroll in this training. If the time is right for you, and you are able to give yourself the gift of presence during this time, I believe that you will find the journey incredibly rewarding and transformative!


  • An overview of yoga philosophy, with a special emphasis on Buddhism:
    • Readings from Georg Feurstein, Reggie Ray, Thich Nhat Hanh, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche,Tara Brach, and more
    • The Yoga Sutras & the Bhagavad Gita
  • The history, lineage and traditions of yoga through present-day
  • Contemporary issues and concerns of modern postural yoga
  • Mindful vinyasa movement, with a focus on alignment as inquiry
  • Modules on restorative yoga, lymphatic yoga, chair yoga (with Cathy Brooks), and yin yoga (with Jaye Bryan)
  • Ayurveda (with Amba Greene)
  • Meditation and pranayama techniques for your  personal practice, and teaching basic meditation and pranayama
  • Mindful, critical alignment and intelligent, useful anatomy information
  • Anatomy of the subtle body
  • Teaching yoga in an inclusive, accessible way
  • Intelligent sequencing & creative theming
  • Ethical and psychological considerations of the teacher/student relationship
  • Practice teaching in a safe and honest environment